RubyMine 2023.1 Help

Run tool window

The Run tool window displays output generated by your application. For example, it can show output generated by a running Ruby script, Rails application, or test results.

Run ruby script

The appearance of the Run tool window depends on the type of application being run and can include additional panes and nested tabs.

In the Run tool window, you can:

  • Rerun the Rerun button (Control+F5) or stop the Stop button (Control+F2) a script, application, or console.

    For tests, you can rerun a testing session, rerun only failed tests, or rerun tests automatically on changing the source code. Learn more at Run tests.

  • Switch between multiple running sessions separated into tabs in the top part of the window. You can use the Alt+ArrowRight / Alt+ArrowLeft shortcuts to go to the next or previous tab, respectively.

    Run tool window sessions

    You can close any tab by clicking the Close button (Control+Shift+F4). In this case, RubyMine suggests terminating a current process.

  • Pin Pin the current tab to prevent it from closing automatically after running another session.

  • Restore a default layout by clicking the Restore default layout button.

  • Manage the application output using the dedicated Console toolbar. For example, you can enable soft wraps the Soft-Wrap button, clear the console Clear all, and so on.

  • Use the console's context menu to compare the selection and clipboard content, pause the application's output, share output as a Gist, and so on.

To learn more about actions common for all tool windows, see Tool windows.

Last modified: 24 April 2023