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Use this page to manage your cloud configurations. Each configuration is a set of settings for accessing the corresponding cloud.

To create a cloud configuration, click add and select the cloud service of interest. Then specify your cloud access credentials and related settings. (By the time you start creating a cloud configuration, you must already have the corresponding cloud user account.)

To remove unnecessary configurations, use delete.


Specify your Heroku user account details and related settings. For additional information, see the Heroku documentation.

Item Description
Name The name of the cloud configuration.
Username (email) The username for your Heroku account (e.g. your email address).
Password The password for your Heroku user account.
Upload Public SSH Key To be able to use the cloud, you should upload your public SSH key to it. (This isn't necessary if you did that earlier.)

Click the link, click browseButton in the Upload Public SSH Key dialog, and select your public SSH key file (.pub) in the dialog that opens.


Use add to create cloud configurations and delete to delete them.

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Last modified: 17 April 2015