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Run/Debug Configuration

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RubyMine enables using numerous run/debug configurations. Each run/debug configuration represents a named set of run/debug startup properties. When you perform run, debug, or test operations with RubyMine, you always start a process based on one of the existing configurations using its parameters.

RubyMine comes with a number of pre-defined default run/debug configuration types for the various running, debugging and testing issues.

Whenever a new run/debug configuration is created, it is based on these default settings applicable to any new configuration of the respective type.

Types of run/debug configurations

On creating a new Rails application project, RubyMine provides the following run/debug configurations:

  • Rails configurations named Production:<project name> and Development:<project name>. Each configuration runs the Rails server in the production and development modes respectively.
  • Rake configurations named test and spec. These configurations execute Rake tasks for running the Test:Unit and RSpec tests with the RubyMine's test runner.

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Last modified: 10 December 2015