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Hierarchy Tool Window

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Use the Hierarchy tool window to analyze and navigate through hierarchies of classes.

You can update the previously built hierarchy by clicking the Refresh icon icons actions refresh svg in the Hierarchy tool window. Alternatively, the results are updated when you run the next hierarchy command (unless you pinnedpinned the Pin button the tab with one of the previously built hierarchies).

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icons toolwindows toolWindowHierarchy svg

Shows both the parent and child classes of the selected class, which is marked with an arrow Child class in the tree of results.

Class hierarchies

icons hierarchy supertypes svg

Shows the hierarchy of each supertype of the current class.

Class hierarchies
Call hierarchies

icons hierarchy subtypes svg

Shows all classes that extend the selected class.

Class hierarchies
Call hierarchies

icons objectBrowser sorted svg

Sorts all elements within a tree alphabetically.

All hierarchies


Use this list to limit the scope of the current hierarchy:

  • Project: Traces usages of the method across the project.

  • Test: Traces usages of the method across the test classes.

  • All: Traces usages of the method across the project and the libraries.

  • This class: Limits the scope to the current class.

In addition to the preconfigured scopes, you can define your own one. To define a scope, select Configure from the list, and define the required scope in the Scopes dialog.

Call hierarchies

In a method hierarchy, the tree views of the following classes are available:

  • icons general add svg: The method is defined.

  • icons general remove svg: The method is defined only in the superclass.

  • icons general exclMark svg: The method must be defined because the class is not abstract.

icons actions refresh svg

Shows all updated classes or class structures.

All hierarchies

Autoscroll to Source

Moves to a file and a section in a source code that corresponds to the selected node in the hierarchy tree.

All hierarchies

Pin button

Locks the current tab from closing and reusing. Results of the next command are displayed in a new tab.

All hierarchies


Exports a hierarchy into a text file. You can specify a location for this file.

All hierarchies


Closes the selected tab.

All hierarchies


Shows the reference page.

All hierarchies

Last modified: 5 September 2019

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