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Move Class or Module Dialog

Refactor | Move
<context menu of a selection>| Refactor | Move

This dialog box shows up when the following pre-conditions are met:

  • A Ruby file is opened in the editor.

  • The file contains any number of classes or modules that can be nested.

  • The caret rests at a module or class name.



Move module/class ...

This read-only field specifies the path to the module or class to be moved in the format Ruby class name::module name::class name.

New module/class name

Name of a Ruby module or class that will be created on moving the module/class to its own file. This new module or class will contain the code of the module or class being moved.

New file path

Directory structure, created on the basis of the moved module or class.

For an example, refer to the section Moving a class/module.

Directory for new module/class

In this field, specify the fully-qualified path to the directory where the new directory structure will be created. Accept the default value, or click the the Browse button Shift+Enter to find a custom location.

Last modified: 5 September 2019

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