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Navigating Between Test and Test Subject

Testing support in RubyMine provides the ability to navigate between a test and the test subject.

For language- and framework-specific guidelines, see Testing Frameworks, Testing JavaScript, Testing Node.js.

When navigating from a test subject to the associated tests in a Rails application, RubyMine looks for candidates among all similar elements. For example, if you try to navigate from a controller action to its test, RubyMine will show tests for the controller, helper, and view:

ruby gotoTest1

In the other contexts, RubyMine looks for candidates across the whole project, among all files whose names match one of the following patterns:

  • *_test.rb
  • *_spec.rb (provided that rspec gem is attached)

RubyMine starts searching for candidates in the immediate vicinity of the source file, and then on the similar relative paths. For example, if a class and its test reside in the same directory, the navigation will be performed between them; however, if a class and its tests are located in different places, RubyMine will look for similar relative paths:

ruby gotoTest2

Jumping from a test to its test subject

  1. Open the desired test class in the editor.

  2. On the main menu or on the context menu of the editor, choose Navigate | Test Subject. Alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+T.

    The test subject for the current test class opens in the dedicated tab of the editor and gets the focus.

Jumping from a class or file to its test

  1. Open the desired class in the editor.

Last modified: 10 January 2019

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