RubyMine 2019.1 Help

Opening Your Project for the First Time

If you open your project for the very first time, you see the Welcome Screen.

Welcome screen

You can either open your project from the disk, or download it from the version control system.

Open your project from disk

  1. On the Welcome Screen, click the Open link.

  2. In the Open File or Project dialog that opens, find location of the desired project:

  3. Click OK.

To download a project from Git, follow these steps:

  1. On the Welcome Screen, click the Check out from Version Control link.

  2. Select the version control system where your project ts stored. Here it is Git:

    Open a project from VCS

  3. On the next page, specify the path to the repository and select the directory to which a project will be cloned:

    Clone Repository
    Click the Test button to test a connection.

  4. Click Clone.

Once you have opened the project, you should configure Ruby interpreter for it, and set up your project.

Last modified: 8 May 2019