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Rename Refactorings

The Rename refactoring lets you change the following names:

  • Files and directories

  • Classes

  • Methods and its parameters

  • Variables

  • Components of Rails applications

  • Rails named scopes

RubyMine automatically changes all the references to renamed items throughout code.

Renaming local variables or private methods can be done easily in-line since only the limited scope is affected. Renaming classes or public methods could potentially impact a lot of files. In this case, we suggest that you preview potential changes before you refactor.

The procedure below demonstrates how to rename a class method.

  1. Place a caret at the method name:

  2. Press Shift+F6 or select Refactor | Rename... from the main menu.

  3. Specify a new method name in the invoked dialog and click Refactor:

    Rename dialog
  4. In the Refactoring Preview window, inspect code changes to be made and click Do Refactor:

    Refactoring Preview window




class Song def initialize(name, artist) @name = name @artist = artist end def to_s "Song: #{@name}--#{@artist}" end end song ="My Way", "Sinatra") puts song.to_s

class Song def initialize(name, artist) @name = name @artist = artist end def to_string "Song: #{@name}--#{@artist}" end end song ="My Way", "Sinatra") puts song.to_string

Last modified: 10 January 2019

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