RubyMine 2024.1 Help


Use this page to configure the settings for Rsync, which facilitates download, upload, and synchronization of files in a remote SFTP server configuration.

  • On macOS and Linux, the rsync and ssh tools are preinstalled and their paths are filled automatically.

  • On Windows, you need to manually install Cygwin with the rsync and openssh packages first. The tools' executables are commonly located in the <Cygwin installation>\bin folder.



Rsync executable path

In this field, provide the path to the rsync executable.

Rsync options

Use this field to override the Rsync command-line parameters if necessary.

By default, the -zar options are used, so that Rsync will compress the transferred data (z), preserve permissions, ownership, and timestamps of transferred files and folders (a), and recurse into subdirectories (r).

For the complete list of available options, refer to the Rsync documentation.

Shell executable path

In this field, provide the path to the ssh executable.

Test Connection

Click this button to validate the provided settings and make sure that RubyMine can properly communicate with Rsync.

Last modified: 11 February 2024