RubyMine 2023.2 Help

View source file structure

RubyMine allows you to examine the high-level structure of the opened file using the Structure tool window Alt+7. You can use this tool window to quickly navigate between methods or tests in Ruby files, elements in HTML and ERB files, database tables and table columns in schema files, and so on.

Structure view

You can also see the VCS status color hints in the Structure tool window if your project is under version control. It helps you to make tracking changes in files more convenient. The names of modified objects become blue, and the names of the newly added objects appear in the tool window highlighted in green.

Highlighting changes in files

Toolbar icons of the Structure tool window




Sort Alphabetically


Sort the list alphabetically.

Instance variable


Show instance and class variables.

Show Inherited


Display all the methods and fields inherited by the current class and accessible from it. RubyMine displays names and location of inherited members in grey.

Show Migration Fields

Database Attributes

Show database fields from db/schema.rb for a currently opened model file.

Navigate with Single Click

Navigate with Single Click

Navigate to a declaration of the item in the source code when you select the item in the Structure tool window.

Always Select Opened Element

Always Select Opened Element

Navigate to the item in the Structure tool window when you click the item declaration in the source code.

Last modified: 30 May 2023