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Rust REPL console

REPL console is an interactive read-eval-print-loop environment for prototyping and testing your Rust code. This handy tool is a notebook, a calculator, and a Rust interpreter all in one.

Implemented on top of the evcxr_repl utility, Rust REPL provides syntax highlighting and completion for the code lines you type. It also shows a pane with the list of variables, functions, and structures currently in use.

You can access the REPL console from the context menu (Rust | Rust REPL), run it from the main menu (Tools | Rust | Rust REPL), or look it up in the Search Everywhere dialog (double Shift).

REPL in the Search Everywhere dialog

Find below an example of how the REPL console can be used to draft a simple program in Rust:

Example of using Rust REPL
Last modified: 07 November 2023