RustRover 2023.3 Help

Cargo configuration settings for debug

Cargo command structure

When you debug a Cargo configuration, RustRover starts by calling cargo build with the options you provided in the Command field and then launches the binary under the debugger with the provided program arguments:

Cargo command arguments

Notice the -- prefix followed by an extra space. It separates the program arguments from the build options that will be passed to Cargo.

Debug as root

You can run and debug Rust applications with root privileges. The option is called Run with root privileges on macOS / Linux and Run with Administrator privileges on Windows.

Debug as root option


Use the Backtrace option to set the RUST_BACKTRACE environment variable, which prints the unwound stack trace into error messages and controls its length.

Backtrace setting

Debuggers don’t suspend Rust programs on fatal errors (panic!-s). In such cases, Backtrace can help you investigate what happened by digging into the printed trace. Here is an example of how it looks when Backtrace is set to Full:

Full backtrace

Last modified: 01 December 2023