RustRover 2024.1 Help

External linters

In addition to the built-in set of inspections, RustRover allows you to run Cargo Check and Clippy without leaving the IDE.

Check external linter settings

To check which linter is enabled and whether it runs on the fly, hover over the linter widget in the status bar:

External linter widget: Cargo Check on-the-fly analysis is turned off

To make changes, click the widget. It will open external linter settings.

    Configure Cargo Check or Clippy calls

    1. Go to Settings | Rust | External Linters.

    2. Select the preferred external linter and provide additional commands if required:

      External linter settings: on-the-fly analysis off
    3. Set the Run external linter on the fly checkbox if you prefer the chosen linter to work as you type.

    4. Click Apply.

    Run external linter

    Before proceeding, check whether on-the-fly analysis is turned on or off.

    • If on-the-fly analysis is turned on, you don't need to trigger the linter – it is already running in the background.

    • If on-the-fly analysis is turned off, to call the linter, open the Cargo tool window (View | Tool Windows | Cargo) and click Run external linter.

      Running an external linter

    Information about detected issues will appear in the Problems tool window, together with inspection results.

    Last modified: 20 May 2024