JetBrains Space Help

Application Versioning

Space is a constantly evolving product. The Space HTTP API also has to change to support the latest Space features. Despite these changes, the API remains backward-compatible – the latest API version supports all endpoints and parameters of previous versions. This means that in the case of Space Cloud, an application user won't face any compatibility problems – their Space instance is always up-to-date and uses the latest-possible API version.

However, this is different for Space On-Premises. Applications targeting the latest version of Space On-Premises might be incompatible with earlier versions. That's why application developers should explicitly declare the minimum version of Space On-Premises their application supports. If a Space On-Premises instance doesn't meet the version requirements, it won't allow installing such an application.

Declare the minimum supported Space On-Premises version

Declaring the required Space version is a part of the application distribution process and depends on the distribution type:

  • For the applications distributed via JetBrains Marketplace, specify it among other options when uploading the application to the marketplace. The Min Space version parameter is mandatory.

  • For the applications distributed via links, specify the version using the min-space-version URL parameter. For example, &min-space-version=2023.1. This parameter is optional. If not specified, the application is considered to be compatible with any Space On-Premises version.

Last modified: 09 May 2023