Space Automation automation Help

View Job Execution Results

The current job execution progress as well as job execution results are shown on the project Jobs page.

  1. Navigate to the project.

  2. On the sidebar menu, choose Jobs.

  3. Make sure the required repository and branch are selected. The page will show you the list of all jobs in the project and their execution result. Here you can also apply the Jobs filter, for example, to:

    • leave Only actual jobs: the executions of jobs from the latest (up-to-date) version of the automation script.

    • leave Only outdated jobs: the executions of jobs that were changed in the latest (up-to-date) version of the automation script or that do not exist in the latest script version.

    Viewing Automation jobs

  4. To get more details on a specific job execution attempt, click Details next to it. Here you can view :

    • Log: job execution log.

    • Tests: test execution results.

    • Changes: the list of VCS commits.

    • Services: service container logs.

    • Artifacts: artifacts published to Packages repositories.

    Viewing Automation job details

Last modified: 15 July 2020