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CI Server Integration

Integration with an external CI server (Continuous Integration server) allows Space to receive and display commit statuses for a particular project. Project participants can see which builds have passed and failed for each commit and view information about automation tasks involved.

Space API supports HTTP requests from external CI servers (Report external check status).

Setting up the integration is a lot easier if you're using TeamCity for testing and building your project as it's pre-configured to work with Space and brings you additional capabilities. The integration is available in TeamCity version 2020.2 and newer.

Integration with TeamCity

Integration with TeamCity lets you:

  • Build sources from merge requests.

  • Receive commit (build) statuses from TeamCity.

  • Authenticate in TeamCity with your Space account.

To set up the integration, refer to How to configure CI/CD for JetBrains Space

Last modified: 02 February 2024