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Create an npm Registry

  1. Navigate to the project where you want to create a registry.

  2. On the project sidebar menu, choose Packages.

  3. On the Packages page, click New repository.

  4. In the New Package Repository window, specify repository settings:

    • Type: choose NPM Registry.

    • Name and Description: specify the registry name (it must be a unique identifier) and description.

    • Access: choose Public if you want unauthenticated users to be able to read from the repository. Otherwise, choose Private. Learn more

    • Immutable package versions: If selected, users are allowed to publish packages with the same version.

  5. After you create the registry, click the Get Started button to see the command-line snippets that will help you get started: connect to the registry, publish, and get packages. Here you can also Generate personal token for accessing the registry.

    To copy the repository URL, in the top right corner click Copy link Copy registry link. For example, a URL might look like this:

Last modified: 09 March 2023