JetBrains Space Help

Customize your Project View

Customize your project sidebar

Rearrange menu items on the project sidebar for less clatter and quicker access. Hide project features you rarely use, move important features to the top of the sidebar.

  1. Open your project.

  2. At the top of the sidebar menu, click the Customize sidebar icon:

  3. Toggle menu items to show or hide them from the project sidebar. Disabled items will be hidden under More features at the bottom of the sidebar. You can also rearrange items by dragging them up or down the list.


Customize your project entry page (Project dashboard)

You can rearrange widgets on your project dashboard for better access and visibility. Bring the important widgets to the top of the page or hide the ones you don't need.

  1. Open your project.

  2. Click Customize dashboard:


    The page will switch to the edit mode.

  3. Hide widgets using toggles. Move widgets around by dragging and dropping them with your mouse:

  4. When you're finished customizing the page, don't forget to click Done to save your changes. You can also click Reset to default to restore initial arrangement.

Last modified: 21 March 2023