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  • A Dockerfile that defines the Docker image is stored in the project sources.

Eligible images

  • Not required. A docker step runs in a special custom image.

We suppose two main CI/CD scenarios for Docker:

Space Automation DSL provides a special docker keyword that simplifies working with Docker builds.

Build and publish a Docker image

For example, the job below first builds and then publishes the image defined in the Dockerfile located in the project's docker directory.

job("Build and push Docker") { docker { build { context = "docker" file = "./docker/Dockerfile" args["HTTP_PROXY"] = "" labels["vendor"] = "mycompany" } push("") { // use current job run number as a tag - '0.0.run_number' tags("0.0.\$JB_SPACE_EXECUTION_NUMBER") // see [[[example|]]] on how to use branch name in a tag } } }
  • docker: is a special step used to build and publish Docker images. In fact, it's a special type of container with Docker on board.

  • build: runs the docker build command with the following arguments

  • push: runs the docker push command with the following arguments

    • "": image name including the repository URL. Note that to be able to push to a Space Packages Container registry, your script doesn't require authentication.

    • tags: specifies the image tags.

Create an image dependency, build, and publish a Docker image

Quite often, you may need to first generate some artifact (say, a .jar file) and then put it into an image. Such cases require running two steps: The first generates the artifact and the second one runs docker build and docker push.

job("Build and push Docker") { container(displayName = "Run gradle build", image = "openjdk") { shellScript { content = """ ./gradlew build cp -r build $mountDir/share """ } } docker { resources { cpu = 1.cpu memory = 2000.mb } beforeBuildScript { content = "cp -r $mountDir/share docker" } build { context = "docker" } push("") { tags("0.\$JB_SPACE_EXECUTION_NUMBER", "lts") } } }
  • The container step uses gradlew build to generate some artifacts and put them to the file share.

  • In the docker step:

    • resources specifies system resources as in a regular container.

    • beforeBuildScript is a sub-step that runs before build. Here we use beforeBuildScript to copy the Gradle output from the file share to the context directory.

    • build and push build and push the image correspondingly.

Last modified: 22 July 2021