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Documentation Comments

Documentation comments are used in some files to annotate source code and then produce documentation in accessible formats (e.g. HTML, RTF) using special doc-generating tools.

Space can recognize and render documentation comments embedded in the source code. Rendered comments are easier to read as they don't overload your code with extra tags. They will appear in your Space code viewer as formatted text blocks. Markdown is supported, and if the doc comments contain links, you can click them to go directly to the referenced web pages.

You can toggle the view to show a doc comment as plain code or go back to the rendered view. To display the doc comment as plain code, click <>:


To go back to the rendered view, click ... and choose Show as Markdown:


Rendering works for JavaScript, TypeScript, Java, Kotlin, Rust, provided that documentation comments adhere to the standard syntax of the corresponding language.

Last modified: 31 January 2023