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Download Files

You have two options to download files from a file repository:

Download a file manually in Space

  1. Open the Packages page and select the required file repository.

  2. Select the required file and in the file menu Menu, click Download.

Download a file using command-line tools

  • Typically, you should specify a target local file path (e.g. /tmp/text/file1.txt or c:\text\file1.txt), the repository URL including a path to the downloaded file (e.g., my-files/text-files/file1.txt), and a permanent access token. For example:

    curl -f -L -H "Authorization: Bearer abc1234" -o c:\text\file1.txt ""
    $Uri = ''; $Headers = @{'Authorization'='Bearer abc1234'}; Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $Uri -Header $Headers -OutFile 'c:\text\file1.txt';

(Only public repositories) Download a file with a browser

If a file repository is public, it's possible to download a file by a direct link. To download the file, paste the link to the web browser address bar and press Enter. If you specify a link to a directory, the browser will show the directory content.

File repository web UI
Last modified: 29 April 2022