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Can I use self-hosted runners for Automation jobs?

The feature is currently in beta testing and is available only to Space insiders. Learn more

Can I run Automation jobs on macOS or Windows?

No, currently, it's not possible. At this stage, you can Automation jobs only using Docker containers. The Docker containers, in turn, can run Linux only.

Can I access the Docker daemon from my Automation jobs?

No, it's not possible.

Can I dynamically run Docker containers from my Automation jobs?

No, currently, it's not possible. The workaround is to pre-configure the required Docker containers using services.

Do Automation steps support Docker-in-Docker?

Docker-in-Docker is not supported out of the box.

  • If you use Docker compose, you can use service containers. In the nearest future, we will add native support for Docker compose files.

  • If you want to programmatically use the Docker API, you should wait until we release support for virtual machines (as environment for running job steps).


gradlew build fails with 'Permission denied'


When trying to run Gradle build using the wrapper, the job fails with Permission denied.

Possible cause:

The gradlew wrapper file doesn't have the execute permission. Typically, this happens when the wrapper is located not in the project root but in a different directory. In this case Automation is unable to set the execute flag to the file.


Follow the instructions.

Last modified: 13 September 2021