JetBrains Space Help

Find a Code Review

On the project page, go to Code Reviews:


All open reviews will be listed here. Now you can scroll through the reviews and filter them out using different search criteria.

Find a review by title, branch, or ID

Use the Filter field to search for reviews by words contained in a review title or a branch name. You can find a review by its full ID as well:


Find reviews that may need your attention

Use the Quick filters to search for reviews that you are expected to or already participating in:

  • Needs my review — code reviews that need your attention as a reviewer.

  • Needs my attention — code reviews that need your attention as an author.

  • Includes my changes — code reviews in which you participate as an author.

Filter reviews by status, author, reviewer, date

Narrow down your search by using the filter menus, picking a specific review state, author, reviewer, and a time period within which the review was created:


View all reviews in the project

To see all reviews in the project, open and closed, just clear the State filter:


You can also locate a review by scrolling through the commit list on the project page:


Revisions under a code review display a tag linking to the review page.

Last modified: 31 January 2023