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Getting Started Page

Multi-org applications can redirect users to a "Getting Started" page. This page can contain information about the application, its features, and how to use them.

After the application installation, the dialog will contain a button redirecting the user to the Getting Started page. You, as an application developer, can customize the button text and the URL of the page.

Redirect to Getting Started page button

To add a custom menu item, the application must make the setUiExtensions API call. For example:

// The URL of the Getting Started page val redirectUrl = "https://myapp.url/getting-started" spaceClient.applications.setUiExtensions( contextIdentifier = GlobalPermissionContextIdentifier, extensions = listOf( GettingStartedUiExtensionIn( gettingStartedUrl = redirectUrl, // The text of the button gettingStartedTitle = "Go to Getting Started page" ) ) )
  • The application must declare the used UI extensions with the setUiExtensions method during the initialization. Learn more

  • The gettingStartedUrl can be:

    • A relative URL – In this case, the "Getting Started" page must be a page within Space. For example, gettingStartedUrl = "/im/%23Spacebox" will resolve to

    • An absolute URL – In this case, the "Getting Started" page can be any page hosted on the same domain and port as the application. For example, if the application is hosted on https://myapp.url, then gettingStartedUrl = "https://myapp.url/getting-started"

Last modified: 14 September 2023