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Issue Statuses

Status represents the issue's current stage in its lifecycle. There are three predefined statuses:

  • Open: the work on the issue hasn't started.

  • In progress: the assignee is working on resolving the issue.

  • Done: the issue has been resolved.

Statuses can be of two types: Resolved or Unresolved. The defalt statuses Open and In progress fall in the Unresolved category, and the status Done is considered Resolved. These categories are used in quick filters to help participants find relevant issues.

You can create additional custom statuses or edit the existing ones.

To add a new status:

  1. On the Issue Setting page, click Add status.

  2. Type in the status Name, choose its Type and the indicator color:

  3. You can move your new status up or down the list to set the desired order:

  4. Click Save to save the new status.

To Edit a status, click and edit its properties.

To Delete a status, click delete.png next to it.

Last modified: 28 September 2022