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Issue Statuses

Status represents the issue's current stage in its lifecycle. There are four predefined statuses:

  • Open: the work on the issue hasn't started.

  • In progress: the assignee is working on resolving the issue.

  • Done: the issue has been resolved.

  • Backlog: the issue is of low priority and can be set aside.

Statuses can be of two types: resolved or unresolved:


You can create additional custom statuses or edit the existing ones.

To add a new status:

  1. On the Issue Setting page, click Add status.

  2. Type in the status Name, choose its Type and the indicator color:

  3. Click Done to save the new status.

To Edit a status, click and edit its properties.

To Delete a status, click delete.png next to it.

Last modified: 31 May 2021