JetBrains Space Help

JetBrains Hub Auth Module

If your company uses JetBrains Hub, this authentication module lets users log in to Space with their Hub credentials. JetBrains Hub is an on-premises server that handles authentication and user management across multiple installations of different JetBrains team tools.

To enable JetBrains Hub authentication:

  1. On the main menu, click administration.png Administration and choose Auth Modules.

  2. Click New auth module. The New Auth Module dialog opens

  3. From the Type drop-down list, select JetBrains Hub.

  4. In the New Auth Module dialog, enter values for the following settings:




    Choose Active to enable the module.


    A unique identifier of the module. Keep the default key or specify a new one.


    A human-readable name to distinguish this module from other authentication modules in the Auth Modules list. Keep the default name or enter a new one.

    Hub URL

    Specify the base URL of your JetBrains Hub installation.

    Service ID

    An ID of the service created in JetBrains Hub.

    To generate this value, create a service in Hub with this home URL: and this redirect URI: ./oauth/external/hub

    Service secret

    This value is generated along with the service ID when you create a service in Hub.

    User registration

    On — Accounts in the Space organization will be created automatically for unregistered users who log in using JetBrains Hub authentication module.

    Off — JetBrains Hub logins will be only available to users who already have an account in the Space organization.

    Org auth module

    Name of an auth module in JetBrains Hub which is used to authorize members of the Space organization. If there is no Hub group authentication restriction, then only users who have Hub login associated with this auth module will be allowed to log in to Space.

    Restrict authentication to users from the specified Hub groups

    Enable this option to allow access only to selected Hub groups. Specify one or more Hub groups.

Last modified: 10 February 2023