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Move an Issue to Another Project

Moving an issue from one project to another is an easy task. However, it comes with a number of restrictions and implications. In general, the issue-related and access settings in the both projects should match, otherwise some information included with the issue may be lost. To prevent data loss, please consider the following before moving an issue:

  • If a current issue status doesn't exist in the target project, a default status will be assigned (either of the Resolved or Unresolved type).

  • If a current assignee doesn't exist in the target project, the issue will become Unassigned.

  • If the issue has a tag that doesn't exist in the target project, it will be lost.

  • A custom field with a value will be moved only if there is a matching custom field found in the target project (i.e. with the same name and type).

To move an issue to another project

  1. Open the issue.

  2. Click ... in the top right corner and choose Move issue:

  3. Choose the target project.

  4. On the Issue preview screen, verify and edit the issue details if necessary:

  5. Click Move.

    The issue will be moved to the target project.

Last modified: 08 April 2024