JetBrains Space Help

Post-Installation Steps

Before your organization can start using its Space on-premises instance, you should perform a number of steps:

  1. Get and upload a Space product license.

  2. (Optional) Configure push notification for mobile clients.

  3. Refer to Administrator's Guide to perform final Space setup.

Uploading a Space product license

  1. In a browser, open your clean Space on-premises installation. In case of a proof-of-concept installation, the default URL is

  2. Copy the activation code and contact the Space support team using the link on the page.

  3. Once you get the license from the Space support team, paste it to the License field.

  4. Fill other fields if required and click Get started.

(Optional) Configuring push notifications for mobile clients

Space provides mobile clients for iOS and Android. To send push notifications to mobile clients, your Space on-premises instance must use a mediator service from JetBrains. To use the service, you must give an explicit consent.

Last modified: 27 December 2021