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Project Documents

Documents is a place inside a project where project members can store, view, and edit their project-related documents, such as instructions, roadmaps, plans, tutorials.

To open Project Documents

  1. Navigate to your project.

  2. On the project sidebar, choose Documents.

Project Documents is organized as a hierarchy of books, folders, and documents, where Book is a top level directory which can contain unlimited number of folders and documents.

Prior to adding documents to the project, at least one Book should be created to serve as a container for folders (optional) and documents.


Create a new Book

  1. Go to your project's Documents page.

  2. Click Create and choose New book.

  3. Specify the title and a short description (optional) for your new Book.

  4. To provide editing rights to other people, click Add editor and choose them from the list.

    The editing permission can be only granted for the entire Book and will apply to all the Book contents.

  5. Click Create. The new Book will be added to the directory. Now members can populate it with folders and documents.

To Edit or Delete a Book, select it from the list, click menu-horizontal.png next to its title and choose a desired action.

Create a new Folder

  1. Open your project's Documents page and navigate to the place where you want your new folder located: a book or a folder inside a book.

  2. Click Create and choose New folder.

  3. Specify the folder's name and click Create.

Create and add a document

There are two ways to create a document in a project book:

  • Create a document draft in your private My documents folder where no one can see it while you're working on it, except for people you explicitely share it with. When the document is ready, you move it to the project, making it publicly available.

    For further instructions, see My Documents

  • Create a document right from a project book. In this case the document becomes public the moment you create it, and everyone with the viewing permission determined by the project settings will be able to see the contents of the document while you are working on it.

Create a document from a project book

  1. Open your project's Documents page and navigate to the place where you want your new document located: a book or a folder inside a book.

  2. Click Create and choose New document.

  3. Specify the document title and check its location in the Target field (you can change it if you'd like to).

  4. Click Create.

    A new blank document will be created.

  5. Switch it to the Edit mode to add content.

    Click ... to choose the editing mode:

    • WYSIWYG (default): use a built-in rich text editor (what you see is what you get) for formatting.

    • Markdown: use Markdown tags to format the text as you type. You'll be able to preview your document while working on it.

  6. Add images to your draft. In the Markdown mode use tags. In the WYSIWYG mode you can:

    • Drag'n'drop or cut'n'paste a file or animated GIF from your computer to the editor area.

    • Copy'n'paste an image from anywhere.

    • Insert an image from the web using its URL:

      On the editor toolbar, click insert-image.png then specify its location (URL).

  7. You work is automatically saved as you type. You can leave the page at anytime and access it later to contunue working on it.

    You can also view the history of changes and roll back to an earlier version.

History of changes

The document version history lets you see what changes have been made to a document over its lifetime, who made them and when. You can compare the document's versions and roll it back to any earlier version.

On the top right corner of a document, click menu-horizontal.png and choose Show version history:


Read more about version history.

Access to documents

Access to all documents in the project is set on the project level by a project administrator. Each project role can be assigned a specific set of document permissions, such as viewing and editing.

To configure document access permissions:

  1. On the project sidebar, choose Settings.

  2. On the Project Settings page, go to the Access tab.

  3. Select a role (e.g. Project Admin, Project Member) for whch you want to configure access.

  4. On the right panel, choose the Permissions tab and scroll down to the Books section.

  5. Check the permissions you want to grant to this role.

Last modified: 18 August 2021