JetBrains Space Help

See All Teams, Members, and Events

Choose teams.png Teams from the main navigation menu.

This page is the entry point to explore your company and see recent changes.

The left hand sidebar lists all the teams, locations, and positions in your organization:


The four tabs in the center let you:

  • HOME — view recent events and recently joined members.

  • FEED — view the events timeline, see who and when:

    • joined-team.png joined or left-team.png left a team

    • joined-company.png joined or left-company.png left the organization

    • changed-role.png changed their position in a team

  • MEMBERS — view and search all members.

  • CALENDAR — view current and upcoming absences (vacations, sick leaves, etc.) or the history of absences for a specified period of time.

Filter out the output by Position and Location — use the drop-down menus on top:

Last modified: 31 January 2023