JetBrains Space Help

Slack Integration

Integration with Slack allows you to receive notifications from Space to a specified channel in your Slack workspace.


Before you start connecting Space to Slack, you should have an active Slack workspace with a channel which will be receiving Space notifications.

To establish a link with your Slack workspace, you should have admin rights in that workspace and system admin rights in Space.

Connect to Slack

  1. From the main menu choose Administration.

  2. Scroll down the left sidebar menu and choose Featured Integrations.

  3. Locate Slack Integration and click Enable.

  4. Click Add Slack team.

  5. Enter the name of your Slack workspace and your credentials.

  6. Choose the Slack workspace you want to connect to and click Allow.


    A Space application will be added to your Slack workspace, and you Slack workspace name will appear on the integration page in Space.

  7. Click Add channel.

  8. Select a channel to receive Space notifications and click Allow.

  9. Now you can subscribe this channel to various events from different %product-short %sources. In other words, choose exact events that will send notifications to the channel. Click Add subscription.

  10. Give the subscription an informative name that would reflect its settings

  11. Choose the source of events from the drop-down list, e.g. Code Reviews, Git Repository Push.

  12. Apply filters to narrow down the source to specific entities. For example, if your source is Code Reviews, you can choose a specific project or repository to get updates from about code reviews.

  13. Choose the events you want the channel to be notified about, e.g. choose Created to send notification when a new code review is created.

  14. Click Save. Your subscription will appear on the list.

Subscription authorization

Notifications from some events you subscribe the channel to may contain private information that will be exposed to all channel participants. That's why subscriptions require explicit authorization.

Subscriptions can be authorized by a member with administrative permissions for the events in question.

If you have the required permissions yourself, the authorization will be granted automatically. If you don't have such permissions, the subscription you're adding will have a Pending status until authorized by a member who does.

Generally, the project administrator can authorize a subscription to all events originating from their project.

Last modified: 31 May 2024