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Space App for Android. What's New

Find out what's been improved, updated, and fixed in the Space app for Android.

March 09, 2023. Version 2023.3 released to Google Play.

Dive right into your favorite repositories with the new widget for the Projects dashboard. Everything you need is spread across three tabs:

  • Files: Explore the file tree and view the code with native syntax highlight and search.

  • Commits: View and filter commits.

  • Branches: Browse all or quickly find a specific branch.

February 09, 2023. Version 2023.2 released to Google Play.

  • You can now add, edit, and delete links to parent issues right from the issue you have open.

  • Issue board cards now show you how many sub-items they contain, which lets you preview how many sub-items have been resolved without opening the detailed issue view.

  • There are multiple bug fixes and improvements.

January 09, 2023. Version 2023.1 released to Google Play.

  • Issue boards: you can create, move, and filter issues on the board, as well as preview boards and add them to favorites for quick access.

  • Issue sub-items: it is now possible to view, create, and edit sub-items, and link other issues as sub-items.

  • Guest users can now use the app to chat, access resources according to granted permissions, and add absences.

  • Uploading and downloading files in Chats and Issues has been improved.

  • We’ve implemented multiple bug fixes and improvements.

November 08, 2022. Version 2022.6 released to Google Play.

  • Add polls to chat messages by tapping the paperclip icon to the left of the input field.

  • Subscribe to replies to a chat message you want to follow.

  • All links that you follow from your mobile device can now take you directly to Issues, Documents, and Blogs in the app.

  • Create a new Issue, To-Do item, Absence, Chat Channel, Conversation, or Direct Message from any screen by tapping + in the bottom right-hand corner.

  • We’ve introduced multiple bug fixes and improvements.

October 07, 2022. Version 2022.5.24 released to Google Play.

This is a bugfix update. The following issues were addressed:

  • You can now find all of your personal or team mentions by tapping @ in the top right-hand corner in Chats.

  • Add new organizations and switch between them by tapping on your organization name in Chats or from Preferences.

  • Find your favorite documents on the Project tab.

  • View documents and edit checklists right in the app.

  • If you see that a message cannot be sent because of connectivity issues, you can resend it later with just a tap.

  • We’ve also fixed some bugs and improved app performance.

September 15, 2022. Version 2022.5 released to Google Play.

This is a bugfix update. The following issues were addressed:

  • Critical bugs concerning opening links from chat messages.

  • A major bug on the 'Create Issue' screen.

July 11, 2022. Version 2022.4 released to Google Play.

  • When you click on a link to Space from other apps, the Space app will open.

  • The “loading” and “offline” indicators are more visible.

  • If a feature you’d like to use is missing in the app, you can now open the browser version of Space to make use of it there. This workaround is available, for example, when you need to edit a meeting, or to navigate to the code from a code review.

  • You can now see highlighted draft messages in code discussions and publish the draft.

June 01, 2022. Version 2022.3 released to Google Play.

  • All new Projects tab is present on the bottom navigation menu to easily track your issues, code reviews, and documents.

  • A dedicated Project Issues view was introduced to quickly filter and review your pending tasks.

  • Message drafts are now synchronized across all clients (web, desktop, iOS).

  • The Team Info section now has a dedicated expandable Description widget, a member counter, and a search field.

  • The login sequence was streamlined – now you will see the correct "loading into your organization" step after confirmation in the browser.

  • You can now quickly zoom on double tap when viewing the image.

  • You can now paste copied images directly from the buffer into the text field of a chat.

  • You can view multi-line highlights and reply to code snippet suggestions in the code review.

  • Various minor UI and bug fixes were introduced.

March 31, 2022. Version 2022.2 released to Google Play.

  • Improved the user login experience.

  • Fixed a number of issues involving the synchronization of push notifications with the web version of Space.

  • Improved the user experience when adding new members to an existing channel and when creating a new one.

  • Fixed the bug causing the wrong avatar to appear for some users.

  • Fixed a variety of other bugs and improved the app’s stability.

January 26, 2022. Version 2022.1 released to Google Play.

  • Pinned messages in a channel can now be easily seen — to access them, go to the Channel info and tap on 'Pinned messages'.

  • We've improved the UI and performance of emojis and reactions in Chats — they are now bigger and faster to load.

  • We've fixed numerous bugs and improved the app stability.

December 07, 2021. Version 2021.9 released to Google Play.

  • You can now open, edit, and create new issues from Chats messages and To-Do items.

  • Invite users to channels from the channel info screen, which you can access by tapping the three vertical dots in the top right-hand corner of the channel.

  • Images are now arranged in a grid in messages.

  • We've improved the UI and fixed numerous bugs.

November 02, 2021. Version 2021.8 released to Google Play.

  • We have made the message menu easier to use by rearranging and grouping items. Hidden menu items can be accessed by scrolling. The menu allows you to edit or delete a message, add a reaction, and perform additional actions. To access it, long-tap a message as before.

  • You can now access issue details by long-tapping a message with an issue attached. You will be redirected to the web version.

  • Our designers have added cute images that will appear in any screens that are empty. Aren't they cool?

  • We’ve fixed numerous bugs.

September 23, 2021. Version 2021.7 released to Google Play.

  • The following message tags are now supported: pinned, added to the To-Do list, linked issues.

  • You can now add code snippets to your chat messages.

  • Channel info is now supported for all types of channels.

  • The "Now typing” label has been moved to the top of the window and no longer affects the layout of messages.

  • Additional bug fixes and UI improvements have been implemented.

August 09, 2021. Version 2021.6 released to Google Play.

  • You can now mark a message as unread by long pressing it and selecting 'Mark as unread' from the list that appears.

  • You can now mark entire tabs in Chats as read, including DMs, Channels, Issues, and Reviews. Just long press the desired tab and select 'Mark as read'.

  • When @mentioning a person, you can now immediately see their availability status.

  • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

July 19, 2021. Version 2021.5 released to Google Play.

  • You can now edit the Channel info and browse the Channel’s shared media, including photos, video, files, and links.

  • With the updated Appearance settings, you can now pick and choose which Chat tabs you want to see.

  • The Dashboard UI has been updated.

  • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

May 21, 2021. Version 2021.4 released to Google Play.

  • You can now see meeting details and participants and change your attendance status by tapping on a meeting in your schedule.

  • You can now create new channels, discussions, and direct messages in Chats. When creating a channel, you can add participants and upload a channel icon.

  • We've fixed a variety of bugs.

March 22, 2021. Version 2021.3 released to Google Play.

  • Added support for collapsing the contact list to one line in Chats, if you apply the "Collapse to one line" setting on the web or desktop app.

  • Resolved issues and code reviews are shown as faded elements to make them less distracting.

  • It is now possible to join a meeting and change your attendance status from Chats. This option is available when you paste a meeting link to a chat.

  • Implemented UI performance improvements for the Chats screen.

January 13, 2021. Version 2021.1 released to Google Play.

  • Revamped Profile screen with the option to check your colleagues’ schedule throughout the month.

  • Refreshed Absences screen with a redesigned UI for adding new absences and the option to edit/remove existing absences.

  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

December 07, 2020. Version 2020.9 released to Google Play.

  • Updated the design of the image preview screen. You can now preview images attached to a message more easily by sliding between them.

  • Updated the design of the external file sharing screen.

  • Updated the Blogs design; specifically, the font, text style, and margins.

  • Other bug fixes and design improvements.

November 16, 2020. Version 2020.8 released to Google Play.

  • Added a calendar to the Dashboard screen. Now you can check the events for the upcoming days.

  • Improved the UI and contact list loading.

  • Updated the design of the channel and team info screens and the To-Do list.

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

October 09, 2020. Version 2020.7 released to Google Play.

  • The main improvement in this release is the Chats screen — it’s been redesigned and now works more smoothly!

July 24, 2020. Version 2020.5 released to Google Play.

  • General improvements to the chats сontact list, workspace, and login screens.

  • Shortcuts and followed colleagues are now shown on the GoTo screen.

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

June 03, 2020. Version 2020.4 released to Google Play.

  • Introducing To-Do list support in Android! Now you csn add items to your personal to-do list. Delete, reschedule, and view the history of items in your list.

  • A new Dashboard screen that displays meetings and absences is added.

  • Bottom navigation is added. Access Chats, Go-To screen, To-Do list, and the Dashboard screen.

  • Color scheme fixes and other UI improvements.

Last modified: 09 March 2023