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Space App for Android. What's New

Find out what's been improved, updated, and fixed in the Space app for Android.

August 09, 2021. Version 2021.6 released to Google Play.

  • You can now mark a message as unread by long pressing it and selecting 'Mark as unread' from the list that appears.

  • You can now mark entire tabs in Chats as read, including DMs, Channels, Issues, and Reviews. Just long press the desired tab and select 'Mark as read'.

  • When @mentioning a person, you can now immediately see their availability status.

  • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

July 19, 2021. Version 2021.5 released to Google Play.

  • You can now edit the Channel info and browse the Channel’s shared media, including photos, video, files, and links.

  • With the updated Appearance settings, you can now pick and choose which Chat tabs you want to see.

  • The Dashboard UI has been updated.

  • Bug fixes and minor UI improvements.

May 21, 2021. Version 2021.4 released to Google Play.

  • You can now see meeting details and participants and change your attendance status by tapping on a meeting in your schedule.

  • You can now create new channels, discussions, and direct messages in Chats. When creating a channel, you can add participants and upload a channel icon.

  • We've fixed a variety of bugs.

March 22, 2021. Version 2021.3 released to Google Play.

  • Added support for collapsing the contact list to one line in Chats, if you apply the "Collapse to one line" setting on the web or desktop app.

  • Resolved issues and code reviews are shown as faded elements to make them less distracting.

  • It is now possible to join a meeting and change your attendance status from Chats. This option is available when you paste a meeting link to a chat.

  • Implemented UI performance improvements for the Chats screen.

January 13, 2021. Version 2021.1 released to Google Play.

  • Revamped Profile screen with the option to check your colleagues’ schedule throughout the month.

  • Refreshed Absences screen with a redesigned UI for adding new absences and the option to edit/remove existing absences.

  • Other bug fixes and UI improvements.

December 07, 2020. Version 2020.9 released to Google Play.

  • Updated the design of the image preview screen. You can now preview images attached to a message more easily by sliding between them.

  • Updated the design of the external file sharing screen.

  • Updated the Blogs design; specifically, the font, text style, and margins.

  • Other bug fixes and design improvements.

November 16, 2020. Version 2020.8 released to Google Play.

  • Added a calendar to the Dashboard screen. Now you can check the events for the upcoming days.

  • Improved the UI and contact list loading.

  • Updated the design of the channel and team info screens and the To-Do list.

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

October 09, 2020. Version 2020.7 released to Google Play.

  • The main improvement in this release is the Chats screen — it’s been redesigned and now works more smoothly!

July 24, 2020. Version 2020.5 released to Google Play.

  • General improvements to the chats сontact list, workspace, and login screens.

  • Shortcuts and followed colleagues are now shown on the GoTo screen.

  • Other bug fixes and performance improvements.

June 03, 2020. Version 2020.4 released to Google Play.

  • Introducing To-Do list support in Android! Now you csn add items to your personal to-do list. Delete, reschedule, and view the history of items in your list.

  • A new Dashboard screen that displays meetings and absences is added.

  • Bottom navigation is added. Access Chats, Go-To screen, To-Do list, and the Dashboard screen.

  • Color scheme fixes and other UI improvements.

Last modified: 18 August 2021