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Space App for iOS. What's New

Find out what's been improved, updated, and fixed in the Space app for iOS.

October 09, 2021. Version 2021.7 released to AppStore.

  • Create, view, and edit Issues in the mobile app, just like in the web version.

  • See the issue details by tapping the issue title in the Issues chat, or on the To-Do tab if you have issues in your To-Do list.

  • Create an issue from the To-Do tab by tapping the Issue icon or by long-tapping the To-Do item. Alternatively, create an issue from a Chat message using the message menu.

  • Send feedback using the β icon on the 'New Issue' screen.

  • See the list of new app updates, supported by screenshots and GIFs in the 'What’s new' screen located in the 'Profile' tab. Images attached to chat messages are displayed in a grid view.

  • Use the 'Mark as unread' option on chat channels and messages.

  • We've fixed various bugs for iOS 15, including a critical bug with the image attachments.

July 27, 2021. Version 2021.6 released to AppStore.

  • Attaching files to messages in Chats is now much easier.

  • Attachments can be downloaded in the background and accessed later. You can open .txt, .log, and .pdf files right in the app.

  • The Toast notification UI has been updated.

  • Numerous bugs have been fixed.

June 17, 2021. Version 2021.5 released to AppStore.

  • The Team Info and User Profile screens have been reworked.

  • You can now edit messages with attachments in Chats.

  • The Issue Tags have been added to messages in Chats.

  • You can now see the unfurled preview of Documents and more entities.

  • When you create a message draft in the Space web version, you can access it from your app.

  • The app's performance has been improved.

  • General bug fixes and improvements.

May 05, 2021. Version 2021.4 released to AppStore.

  • The 'Channel Info' screen has been reworked.

  • Lots of bug fixes and improvements.

April 07, 2021. Version 2021.3 released to AppStore.

  • The chat creation flow has been added. You can now create channels, and start conversations and direct messages.

  • You can now open attachments using links in the app.

  • A widget will now alert you when your message history limit has been reached.

  • The full content of an issue is now shown in the Issues chat.

  • The crashes that occasionally occurred when opening a chat have been fixed.

March 02, 2021. Version 2021.2 released to AppStore.

  • Inline unfurls for various links have been added to Code Reviews, Issues, People, Teams, and Locations.

  • Default unfurls, such as Twitter links, have been fixed.

  • The initial thread message in Chats has been expanded.

  • Shared media is now seen in the Channel info.

  • Meetings now display user participation status — the green/red circle shows a user accepted or declined a meeting respectively.

  • iPad support has been improved with multi-tasking, and layout bugs have been fixed.

  • Some icons have been updated.

  • Contact List animation and incorrect reloads have been fixed.

  • A compact single-line mode has been added for all Chats.

February 04, 2021. Version 2021.1 released to AppStore.

  • The meeting calendar has been added to your user profile screen. You can now see the details of your meetings and other events.

  • You can now remove organizations from the app's login screen.

  • The UX of thread channels has been improved.

  • The app's stability and performance have been improved.

November 25, 2020. Version 2020.9 released to AppStore.

  • Introducing code snippets support.

  • Introducing Space Applications support.

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

November 02, 2020. Version 2020.8 released to AppStore.

  • New contact list with tabs support.

  • New profile screen.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

July 24, 2020. Version 2020.7 released to AppStore.

  • Introduced quick replies – swipe a message to quote it and reply.

  • Enabled reactions for some system messages, e.g. when someone is added to a channel.

  • Added several markdown parser improvements.

  • Fixed a crash related to emoji picking.

  • Fixed a couple of crashes related to mentions.

  • Other bug fixes and improvements.

July 01, 2020. Version 2020.6 released to AppStore.

  • Added new message completions for channels. Use # to mention channels, @\here to mention everyone who is online in the channel, and @\channel to mention all channel members. Also improved mentioning users and emojis.

  • Fixed a bug that is related to opening messages, threads, or any links within them.

  • Fixed a crash that happened after sending a message under certain conditions.

  • Pinned messages are now supported in Chats.

  • Fixed a bug in iOS 11-12 related to the context menu (multiple Copy Text).

June 02, 2020. Version 2020.5 released to AppStore.

  • Introducing To-Do list support in iOS! Now you can add items to your personal to-do list. Delete, reschedule, and view the history of items in your list.

  • Navigation is revised. Now the iOS app has 3 tabs: Chats, To-Do, and My Dashboard.

  • Added a panel to the Go-To screen with quick access to the following feeds: Commits, Blogs, Absences, Memberships.

  • Pinned messages are now supported in Chats.

  • A bug in code review comments is fixed. Now when you draft messages in Code Reviews and opt to send multiple messages at once, the messages are rendered correctly.

  • Other UI improvements.

Last modified: 12 October 2021