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Sprint is a set period of time in which a specified amount of work has to be completed. Sprints are usually used as a part of the Scrum framework.

To plan in advance, you can create a series of sprints, setting goals and schedules for each. By default, the first sprint is scheduled to start on the day you create it and last for a calendar month. As soon as it ends, the next sprint begins, and all unresolved issues can be rolled over to it.

If your team is running ahead of schedule, you can launch the next sprint, which will end the current one.

Create a Sprint

  1. To create a first sprint, open the board and click Create sprint:


    To create an additional sprint, click the current one and choose Add sprint:

  2. Specify the following:

    • Name of the sprint.

    • Goal — an optional descriptions of what the team plans to achieve during this sprint.

    • Schedule — the start/end dates for the sprint.


    If you are creating an additional sprint, it will be set to run after the last one based on the existing sprints' schedules.

    You can change the default start and end dates, and also choose to:

    • Launch immediately

    • Move unresolved issues from previous sprint

    If you choose to launch the new sprint immediately, it will become the current sprint, while the previous one will be terminated and marked closed.

  3. Click Create.

    The new sprint will be created and shown on the board:


Manage sprints

A sprint can undergo three stages:

  • Planned — will run in the future according to its schedule.

  • Current — currently running

  • Closed — ended on schedule or manually aborted by the launch of another sprint.


Force-start a planned sprint ahead of its schedule

  1. Choose the sprint from the list and click Start sprint:

  2. Choose if you want to move all unresolved issues to this sprint from the previous (current) one:

  3. Click Start sprint.

    This sprint will appear on the board as current. The previous sprint will be closed.

Edit a sprint

  1. Choose the sprint from the list and click ...

  2. Choose Edit sprint:

  3. You can edit the sprint name, goal, and schedule.

Delete a sprint

  1. Choose the sprint from the list and click ...

  2. Choose Delete sprint:

  3. You can only delete planned and closed sprints. A current sprint cannot be deleted.

Last modified: 02 June 2022