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Sub-items in an Issue

You can use sub-items to:

  • Break down complex issues into smaller tasks by creating sub-issues.

  • List requirements, DoDs, To-Dos, and other information relevant to the issue.

Just like checklists, sub-items can have a nested structure, and you can check them off once they are completed:


Create sub-items

  1. Open the issue.

  2. Select the Sub-items tab and click Add new item.

  3. To add more items, click plus-add-grey.png on the sub-items toolbar.

  4. To insert an item between existing items, select an item under which you want to place the new one before clicking plus-add-grey.png.

  5. A sub-items list can have a nested structure. You can expand and collapse it by clicking the respective buttons.

    • To make a nested list, highlight the item that should be indented and press Tab, or use the horizontal arrows on the toolbar.

    • To move an item up or down the list, highlight the item and use the vertical arrows on the toolbar:

Convert a sub-item into an issue

  1. Mouse over the item and click Create issue:


    An issue named after the item will be created in the same project.

  2. You can assign the issue to any team member right away:


Add an existing issue to the sub-items list

  1. On the sub-items toolbar, click issue-icon-blue.png.

  2. Select an issue from the list and click Link.

    The issue will be added as a sub-item to the bottom of your sub-items list. Use the toolbar controls to move it up or down the list.

Last modified: 31 January 2023