TeamCity 2018.1 Help

Code Coverage

Code coverage is a number of metrics that measure how your code is covered by unit tests. TeamCity supports the following coverage engines out of the box:

For importing reports from other coverage tools, see the related How To....

For importing coverage results in TeamCity, see How To....

To get the code coverage information displayed in TeamCity for the supported tools, you need to configure it in the dedicated section of a Build Runner settings page. The following build runners include code coverage support:

Note that currently the Maven2 runner supports IntelliJ IDEA and JaCoCo coverage engines. The code coverage results can be viewed on the Overview tab of the Working with Build Results; detailed report is displayed on the dedicated Working with Build Results tab.

The chart for code coverage is also available on the Statistic Charts tab of the build configuration.

For the details on configuring code coverage, refer to the dedicated pages: Configuring Java Code Coverage, Configuring .NET Code Coverage.

Last modified: 20 April 2023