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Guess Settings from Repository URL

TeamCity can automatically discover the VCS type and settings from the repository URL.

When configuring a VCS root, select the Guess from Repository URL option from the drop-down and specify the URL. TeamCity will recognize the URL for a supported version control and will create a VCS root automatically. After the VCS Root is created, you can modify its settings using the Project Settings or Build Configuration Settings page.

VCS URL Formats


URL Formats


  • http(s) urls

  • git://

For SSH authentication, create a VCS Root from a URL first and then open its settings to specify the SSH key to be used. Alternatively, create a Git VCS Root manually.




Recommended URL formats:

  • http[s]://<tfs server>:<port>/<collection name>$/<project path> http[s]://<tfs server>:<port>/tfs/<collection name>/<project name> for example: http://tfshost:8080/tfs/DefaultCollection$/Project/root

  • for Visual Studio Team Services: https://<url to>/<project name> or https://<url to>/$/<project path> for example:

See the related blog post as well.



http(s) urls from Vault SourceCode Control web which contain "repid" parameter, e.g.


no support yet


no support yet

Last modified: 20 April 2023