TeamCity 2020.1 Help

Disabling TeamCity Plugins

TeamCity plugins are parts of TeamCity used to provide integration with specific build tools / perform specific tasks.

To disable plugins via config files:

  1. Create the disabled_plugins.txt file in <TeamCity Data Directory>/config.

  2. Provide a new-line separated list of the plugin names (as specified in the teamcity-plugin.xml file of every plugin, the file is usually located in the default directory for bundled TeamCity plugins <TeamCity web application>/WEB-INF/plugins/<plugin>/teamCity-plugin.xml ).

  3. Restart the server. The plugin names are displayed as the strikethrough text on the Administration | Plugins List page noting the file where the plugins were disabled.

To disable plugins via Web UI:

–źny plugin can be disabled using the TeamCity UI: on the Administration | Plugins List page every external plugins has a button, clicking which opens a popup with the corresponding option; the bundled plugins have a link which can be used to disable them. On disabling a plugin, a warning is displayed that this may impact other TeamCity components (for example, other plugins). During the next server restart, the disabled plugin is not loaded. If there are other plugins depending on the disabled one, they will not be loaded either. Disabled plugins are greyed out in the list.

Last modified: 23 July 2020