TeamCity 2020.1 Help


Converting Strings into Links to Issues

When enabling issue tracker integration, in addition to general settings, you need to specify which patterns are to be recognized as references to issues in your tracker.

For YouTrack, you need to provide a permanent token for authentication and a space-separated list of Project IDs. You can also load all project IDs automatically: check Use all YouTrack IDs automatically and test the connection to your YouTrack server. If the connection is successful, the Project IDs field will be automatically populated. Newly created projects in YouTrack will be detected by TeamCity, and the project ID list will be automatically synchronized.

For example, if a project ID is TW, an issue ID like TW-18802 mentioned in a VCS comment will be resolved to a link to the corresponding issue.

Enhancing Integration with YouTrack

YouTrack provides native TeamCity integration, which enhances the set of available features. For example:

  • YouTrack is able to fill the "Fixed in build" field with a specific build number.

  • YouTrack allows you to apply commands to issues by specifying them in a comment to a VCS change commit. To use these features, configure YouTrack.

Last modified: 11 January 2021