TeamCity On-Premises 2020.2 Help


Initial Setup

An installed ClearCase client on the TeamCity server is required to make TeamCity ClearCase integration work. You need to create a ClearCase view on the TeamCity server machine (regardless of whether you plan to use the server-side or agent-side checkout) under the same user that TeamCity server runs under. This view will be used for collecting changes in ClearCase VCS roots and for checkout in case of the server-side checkout mode. In case of the agent-side checkout mode, the config spec of this view will be also used to automatically create views on agents.

ClearCase Settings

Common VCS Root properties are described here. The section below contains a description of the fields and options specific to the ClearCase Version Control System.



ClearCase view path

A local path on the TeamCity server machine to the ClearCase view created during the initial setup. The snapshot view is preferred as there is no benefit in using the dynamic view with TeamCity. Also, dynamic views are not supported for the agent-side checkout (TW-21545 ).

Relative path within the view

The path relative to the "ClearCase view path" that limits the sources to watch and checkout for the build.


Branches are used in the -branch parameter for the lshistory command to significantly improve its performance.
You can either let TeamCity detect the needed branches automatically (via the view's config spec) or specify your own list of needed branches. Press the Detect now button to see the branches automatically detected by TeamCity.
You can also choose the custom option and leave the text field blank — then the -branch parameter will not be used for the lshistory command at all.
If you specify or TeamCity detects several branches, then lshistory will be called for every branch and all results will be merged.
The lshistory options can be customized, see TW-12390

Use ClearCase

Use the drop-down menu to select either UCM or BASE.

Global labeling

Check this option if you want to use global labels.

Global labels VOB

Pathname of the VOB tag (whether or not the VOB is mounted) or of any file system object within the VOB (if the VOB is mounted).

Last modified: 05 March 2021