TeamCity On-Premises 2020.2 Help


This page contains reference information for the MSBuild build runner fields.

General Build Runner Options



Build file path

Specify the path to the solution to be built relative to the build checkout directory. For example, vs-addin\addin\addin.sln.

Working directory

Optional. Specify the path to the build working directory if it differs from the build checkout directory.

MSBuild version

Select the MSBuild version: .NET Framework, Mono xbuild or Microsoft Build Tools.

MSBuild ToolsVersion

Specify here the version of tools that will be used to compile (equivalent to the /toolsversion: commandline argument).

Run platform

From the drop-down list select the desired execution mode on a x64 machine.


A target is an arbitrary script for your project purposes. Enter targets separated by spaces. The available targets can be viewed in the Web UI by clicking the icon next to the field and added by checking the appropriate boxes.

Command line parameters

Specify any additional parameters for MSBuild.exe.

Reduce test failure feedback time

Use this option to instruct TeamCity to run the tests which failed in the previous builds before others.

Code Coverage

To learn about configuring code coverage options, refer to the Configuring .NET Code Coverage page.

Implementation notes

MSBuild runner generates an MSBuild script that includes user's script. This script is used to add TeamCity-provided MSBuild tasks. Your MSBuild script will be included with the <Import> task. If you specified a Visual Studio solution file, it will be called from the <MSBuild> task. To disable it, set teamcity.msbuild.generateWrappingScript to false.

Last modified: 05 February 2021