TeamCity On-Premises 2020.2 Help

NuGet Dependency Trigger

The NuGet dependency trigger allows starting a new build if a NuGet packages update is detected in the NuGet repository.

Requirements and limitations

For a TeamCity server running on Windows, .NET 4.0 is required.

For a TeamCity server running on Linux, the NuGet dependency trigger will reportedly work with the following limitations:

  • filtering by Package Version Spec is not supported

  • only HTTP package sources are supported

  • NuGet feed version 1.0 is used, so case-sensitivity issues might occur

  • the current trigger implementation on Linux might increase the server load

  • authentication issues might occur

Configuring NuGet Dependency Trigger

  1. Select the NuGet version to use from the NuGet.exe drop-down menu.

  2. Specify the NuGet package source, if it is different from

  3. Specify the credentials to access NuGet feed if required.

  4. Enter the package ID to check for updates.

  5. Optionally, you can specify package version range to check for. If not specified, TeamCity will check for latest version.

You can also opt to trigger build if pre-release package version is detected by selecting corresponding checkbox. Note that this is only supported for NuGet version 1.8 or newer.

Last modified: 25 April 2021