TeamCity On-Premises 2021.1 Help

Already Fixed In

For some test failures TeamCity can show the "Already Fixed In" build.
This is the build where this initially failed test was successful and which was run after the build with initial test failure (for the same Build Configuration).

Here, after means that

  • the build with the successful test has newer changes than the build with initial failure;

  • if the changes were the same, the newer build was run after the failed one.

So, if you run History Build, TeamCity won't consider it as a candidate for "Already Fixed In" for test failures in later builds (in terms of changes).

Tests are considered the same when they have the same name. If there are several tests with the same name within the build, TeamCity counts order number of the test with the same name and considers it as well.

Note that all invocations of the same test within a single build are counted as 1.

Last modified: 26 February 2021