TeamCity On-Premises 2021.1 Help

.NET Testing Frameworks Support

To support the real-time reporting of test results, TeamCity should either run the tests using its own test runner or be able to interact with the testing frameworks, so it receives notifications on test events. Custom TeamCity-aware test runners are used to implement the bundled support for the testing frameworks.


Use the NUnit or .NET CLI (dotnet) build runner to report NUnit test results.
Note that the NUnit runner supports only .NET Framework. To run tests for .NET Core projects (and .NET Framework projects version 4.0 or later), use the .NET CLI (dotnet) build runner with the test command instead. Refer to the NUnit Support page for details.


Refer to the MSTest Support page for details.


Dedicated test runner is available for MSPec support. Refer to the MSpec page for details.


Starting with version 3.0.4, Gallio supports on-the-fly test results reporting to TeamCity server.

Other testing frameworks (for example, MbUnit, NBehave, NUnit, xUnit.Net, and csUnit) are supported by Gallio and thus can provide test reporting back to TeamCity.

As for coverage, Gallio supports NCover, to include coverage HTML reports to TeamCity build tab. See Including Third-Party Reports in the Build Results.


See the general information about xUnit support from its authors and a related blog post.

Note that we do not recommend using xUnit in combination with other testing frameworks in TeamCity since it might mix up the test reporting results.

Last modified: 15 February 2021