TeamCity On-Premises 2021.1 Help

Viewing Build Configuration Details

The Build Configuration Home page provides the configuration details and enables you to:

The build configuration details are separated into several tabs whose number may vary depending on your server or project configuration, for example, dependencies, TeamCity integration with other tools, and so on.


Provides information on:

  • Pending Changes also listed as a separate tab, see the details below

  • Current Status of the build configuration, and, if applicable:
    • number of queued builds

    • for a running build — the progress details with the Stop option to terminate the build

    • for a failed build — the number and agent, and so on

  • the Build History section lists builds of the current build configuration


Displays Build History on a separate page and allows filtering builds by build agents, tagging builds and filtering them by tags (if available).

Change Log

By default, lists changes from builds finished during the last 14 active days. Use the show all link to view the complete change log.

The page shows the change log with its graph of commits to the monitored branches of all VCS repositories used by the current build configurations and the repositories used by the dependencies and dependent configurations of the current configuration.


Displays the collected statistical data as visual charts.

Compatible Agents

Lists all authorized agents. Agents meeting Agent Requirements are listed as compatible. For each incompatible agent, the reason is provided.
The agents belonging to the pool(s) associated with the current project are listed first.

Pending Changes

Lists changes waiting to be included in the next build on a separate page.


Lists the current build configuration settings on a separate page.

Last modified: 10 May 2021