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TeamCity 2021.2.1 Release Notes

Build: 99602
29 November 2021


TW-73700 — Provide ability to use remote run in Eclipse plugin for user with enabled 2FA
TW-73769 — Add copy branch name button


TW-73776 — Impossible to retrieve nuget packages from TeamCity NuGet feed when 2FA is enabled.
TW-73580 — Maximum call stack size exceeded after enabling "Group by project" option on the build chain view in the new UI
TW-73982 — .NET runner and C# script runner do not propagate TEAMCITY_PROCESS_FLOW_ID environment variables to spawned processes
TW-59663 — 'Latest check for changes: 19:15 (unknown or unset)' when changes are collected on secondary node
TW-73725 — Error on load project settings from VCS for custom chart with build step duration metric: "Unresolved reference: buildstepname"
TW-73122 — Remote run impossible from IDE with two-factor authentication enabled.
TW-73791 — Azure agents not cycling after upgrade to 2021.2
TW-73453 — S3 Storage Artifacts cache hashsums are invalid when artifacts stored in cache during upload
TW-74012 — Errors when building windows docker images for teamcity agents
TW-74060 — Checkout rules mapping is not applied to paths in uploaded unified diff patch
TW-74042 — C# script runner may fail in docker dotnet container with "Failed to create CoreCLR, HRESULT: 0x80004005"
TW-73535 — Error "Could not obtain the list of repositories" during creation a project using JetBrains Space connection
TW-73998 — SSL certificate cannot be uploaded under Root project due to the lack of permissions
TW-73253 — Changes in Experimental UI show directories as files
TW-73307 — Perforce Swarm. Display correct warning when Perforce Swarm URL is malformed in the Commit Status publisher.
TW-73086 — Single change page in new UI. Status is missing.
TW-73935 — 2FA. Take into consideration possible clock drifts between a client application and a TeamCity server.
TW-73746 — .net builds could fail when DeterministicSourcePaths set to true
TW-65392 — Displaying stacktraces for "Snapshot dependency failure" build problems on the Overview page
TW-73223 — IntelliJ IDEA plugin is incompatible with the latest IDEA EAP
TW-73119 — Single change page: block with 'Download patch/Download patch to IDE/Open in GitHub/Run build with this change' links is absent
TW-73088 — Single change page in new UI. Display "No failed tests" message.
TW-73851 — P4 Error message seems contradictory: "RpcTransport: partial message read SSL receive failed. read: socket: The operation completed successfully ..."
TW-73665 — Remote run from non-modal commit dialog doesn't work
TW-73938 — Dependent build may not start if it uses a parameter from a composite build
TW-73955 — Only VCS name shown for non-admin users
TW-73563 — Switching between Build Configurations leads to the JS Error
TW-73134 — Single change page may show wrong builds list (show one build several times)
TW-73057 — Pending changes popup is not refreshed on new changes
TW-73705 — Changes tab does not show avatar in users selector, if a user is already selected
TW-72944 — Incorrect authentication information in the http request info added to the thread name
TW-73559 — Bad formatting for compilation errors in the new UI
TW-73634 — when fetching Git LFS files
TW-72227 — Build unexpectedly started on new agent between authorization and re-pooling
TW-73864 — Test duration chart does not work in the classic UI
TW-73873 — Git VCS root empty username prevents lfs authentication and causes errors during checkout on agent
TW-73845 — Agent may restart after upgrade without plugins
TW-72434 — Some unified diff patches with multiple chunks per single file cannot be applied during the personal build
TW-73591 — Remove redundant libs from docker plugin
TW-73802 — Secondary node should be able to load a build configuration, VCS root or project by external id alias
TW-73814 — Adding a Ruby Env Configurator in DSL creates an arbitrary agent requirement for "env.AAAA"
TW-73759 — Support for DSA/DSS ssh keys has disappeared in 2021.1.4
TW-73789 — Wrong link to pull request in Pull Request Details block for Bitbucket repos without projects
TW-72568 — VCS root usages are updated incorrectly in case when VCS root is removed from a build configuration while the same VCS root is inherited via a template
TW-73779Error while parsing communication protocols returned by the server if the agent is running under java 17
TW-73745 — Builds with .NET SDK version < 6.0 failed with "error MSB1008: Only one project can be specified." (on agents installed on paths with spaces)
TW-73751 — Dependencies tab stack overflow
TW-73620 — The "Highlight my changes and investigations" setting does not work in terms of highlighting my changes
TW-73689 — Guest user doesn't see build revision in the experimental UI
TW-73690 — "Show files" checkbox doesn't work for guest users in the experimental UI
TW-73742 — "Could not read data from the Dsl data dir" warning because writing to system/pluginData/.../ is prohibited
TW-73688 — "It's me" link is shown for guest user on the Change page
TW-73647 — Weird search result on attempt to find a project/configuration by keyword "xml"
TW-45709 — UUID clash when something is edited in UI and on disk simultaneously
TW-73290 — Single change page. Switch tab shows "Open in build log" window if it was previously closed

Performance Problem

TW-74099 — Slow fetch in case of many branches
TW-73931 — Download build log request hangs after the connection is closed by the client
TW-73960 — High CPU usage and potentially slower than before checking for changes process because of VcsSettingsTrackerImpl.findMissingRegularUsages
TW-73718 — Very slow versioned settings change log for a project stored in XML format with many thousands of build configurations
TW-66379 — Multiple new UI performance failures on build server
TW-73786 — Lots of unnecessary REST API requests for /app/rest/ui/projects?fields= endpoint in case of removal of a large project
TW-73817 — Very slow processing of config persisting tasks if there are thousands of them (caused by inefficient fetching of tasks from DB)
TW-73788 — CacheEstimateCalculator.shutdown slows down server shutdown

Usability Problem

TW-73549 — Select JetBrains space as connection type in Add connection dialog when user selects Space icon with no connection configured.
TW-74046 — C# script tool help is hardly readable in light console mode
TW-72736 — Add "Open in build log" icon
TW-73756 — Server health report about disabled native git operations and git version should be more detailed
TW-73708 — Custom Statistics Chart with pattern shows build step ID (buildStageDuration:buildStepRunner_N) instead of build step name
TW-73739 — Switch of the verbosity level on the new build log collapses all the nodes


TW-74054 — Upgrade Perforce helix client to a more recent version
TW-72680 — Auto update: check if auto update is possible before starting it (i.e. ensure that the currently used Java is supported by the new TeamCity version)
TW-72860 — Replace usages of scheduled-to-remove StringBuilderSpinAllocator

Security Problem

7 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 26 April 2022