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Build Approval

The Build Approval build feature allows users to manually control the build start by using approvals. This build feature ensures that builds will not start unless they are approved by individual users or groups defined in the approval rules.

This feature can be useful for processes requiring approval of more than one person, for example deployments, resource consuming builds, resource removing operations, etc. Approvals also prevent users from triggering a build accidentally.

If a build is not approved within the specified period of time, it will be cancelled.

Build Approval Settings

Add Build Approval to your build configuration.

All builds of this build configuration will require an approval.



Approval rules

  • user-based rules require an approval from a specific user; each user should be specified via the user:<username> syntax. Use the list of users separated by a new-line.

  • group-based rules require a certain number of approvals from members of a specific group; each rule should follow the group:<groupKey>:<approvalCount> syntax. Use the list of groups separated by a new-line.

For example, the rules below will allow a build to start only if it is approved by the teamlead user, the projectadmin user, and by at least two members of theQA group:

user:teamlead user:projectadmin group:QA:2

You can specify multiple rules requiring approval from several users and/or groups. In this case, all of the rules must be met for the build to start. If a user matches several rules (e.g. a user is a part of multiple groups referenced in the rule), the approval from that user will count towards each rule. In the example above, if the teamlead user is a member of the QA group, then, when a build is approved by projectadmin and teamlead, only one more approval from the QA group is needed for the build to start.

Timeout in

The period of time (in minutes) before the build will be automatically canceled if not approved. Defaults to 360 minutes (6 hours).

Treat manually started build as approval

If this option is enabled, and a build is triggered by a user who has the right to approve build, the feature will automatically add an approval from this user to this build. If the option is not enabled, the build will still require an explicit approval from the person(s) specified in the rule, regardless of who triggered the build.

Notifications & Audit

All approvers will receive an e-mail notification: it is included in the in the default notification rules for the All Users group. Consider adding a related Slack notification. Notifications related to build approval will override the Builds with my changes only option in the notification rules.

You can also add notifications for your build configuration using the Notifications build feature with the Build requires approval option enabled.

When a build is approved by a user, a corresponding audit entry is created.

Last modified: 25 April 2022