TeamCity On-Premises 2022.04 Help

Perforce Shelve Trigger

The Perforce shelve trigger automatically runs a build on detecting a change in shelved files of your Perforce changelists.


The trigger supports Perforce 2018.2 or later.

Trigger Settings

The trigger monitors all Perforce VCS roots associated with the current build configuration. You can filter monitored changelists by their description. To do this, specify the required keyword to search.

Trigger Behavior

On any change made in shelved files of a matching changelist, TeamCity will start a new personal build with the contents of these files.

If the current build is composite, the whole build chain will be triggered on a change in shelved files.

If stream support is enabled in the Perforce VCS root settings, this trigger will run builds only on the default stream.

Parametrized Shelved Changelist ID

TeamCity provides a configuration parameter vcsRoot.rootExternalId.shelvedChangelist with the ID of the changelist whose changes triggered this build.

Logging Events

This trigger logs events to the teamcity-triggers.log file with the perforceShelveTrigger logging key.

Last modified: 15 August 2022