TeamCity On-Premises 2022.04 Help

Project Export

It is possible to export settings of a project with its children to an archive to later import it to a different TeamCity server. Export includes settings (basically everything configured in the project administration area), but does not include builds or any other data visible in the user area. To export a project with all the related data, use server backup.

Exporting Project Settings

To export the project settings, perform the following:

  1. Go to Project Settings, from the Actions menu in the upper right corner select Export Project:

    Export a project
  2. The Settings Export page is displayed allowing exporting the project and viewing all its dependencies. Click Export to download a ZIP archive containing project settings.

    Project export settings

The user exporting the project settings must have the "View build configuration settings" permission granted to the project developer role by default. External dependencies are exported only if the user has the required permission there, otherwise a warning will be shown before export.

Export Scope

The export scope of a project contains only this project's settings, including private SSH keys uploaded by the project administrator.

External dependencies for build configurations are exported as well. A build configuration defined in one project can depend on other projects in a number of ways. It can:

The report.log file included in the archive details reasons for exporting external entities.

Export Limitations

  • Builds, changes, and other project-related data cannot be exported.

  • External build configurations that are used in artifact dependencies only are not exported.

Last modified: 10 March 2022