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TeamCity 2021.1.3 Release Notes

Build: 92914
08 September 2021


TW-64230 — New tab extending AgentDetailsTab does not show in experimental UI

Usability Problem

TW-72618 — Add build problems about compilation errors from .NET runner
TW-72627 — Customized parameter dropdown should sort the list of parameters


TW-71781 — Error loading VCS changes during server startup
TW-72616 — Build info can be split between running and finished on build overview
TW-72528 — Build may be cancelled due to S3 upload exception and restarted
TW-72861 — Python runner not fails if exception message is empty
TW-70836 — BuildStatsBar popup unstable refresh
TW-72804 — Composite build dependencies are not reused in some cases (when composite build starts before the dependency which could've been reused)
TW-72791 — Obsolete revision is used by a build if branch tip revision is quite old and is already unloaded from the changes cache
TW-72780 — GitHub password authentication health report is shown even if VCS root is already fixed (via commit in DSL)
TW-72688 — Kotlin Script build step fails to find maven dependency jars due to caching of the results of compilation of .main.kts script
TW-69951 — Artifacts produced by Download All are not extractable on Windows
TW-72753 — Teamcity may produce incorrect UID for the running process
TW-67257 — Tests muted by TeamCity's test retry feature should show reasonable mute info
TW-67571 — Unarchived subprojects are missing on the project overview for archived project in the Experimental UI.
TW-72292 — S3ArtifactsPublisher doesn't retry when S3 responds with an internal server error
TW-69059 — Test History page. First and last bars are cut on Success Rate chart.
TW-72373 — Inconsistent time presentation on the same page
TW-72343 — Expand only one test in the test tree on the build overview
TW-55349 — Perform cleanup of agent_pool_project table when some time passed since project has been removed
TW-72330 — Sometimes build log skips errors from .NET runner
TW-71935 — "All N tests" on build overview is not a link
TW-71848 — Old "muted test" icon on Build overview in the Experimental UI
TW-72587 — Cosmetic issue on the All Builds page
TW-72097 — Exception "Server health reporter failed" for Pull requests with "First attached GIT VCS root"
TW-69090 — Errors on agent page if agent is gone
TW-67769 — Can't get k8s pod informations from agent with k8s plugin
TW-71728 — "Connection to "" is prohibited" on secondary node when fetching available Kotlin compiler versions
TW-72566 — Build page: other people's personal builds are excluded from dependencies count
TW-72540 — Broken "Resume build queue" action in the health report
TW-72553 — Endless triggering in a branch in case of per-checkin trigger with "Trigger a build on changes in snapshot dependencies" option disabled
TW-72180 — Unified diff created by mercurial cannot be used as a personal build patch
TW-72392 — Time in "Last message from the agent was received on:" on build overview is not refreshed
TW-72932 — Broken expanded build presentation in the experimental UI

Performance Problem

TW-72482 — FinishBuildTrigger collects changes way too long when starting a build
TW-72423 — Too big count in REST API calls on the agent and builds history tabs


TW-72511 — Install venv to linux docker agent images
TW-72596 — Detecting Visual Studio 2022 preview versions

Security Problem

2 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 08 September 2021